• Applicants must, together with their applications, submit to the principal a certified copy of a birth certificate the latest progress report, latest Municipality bill, and 2 recent passport photos for all grades and your private or e-mail address at work.
  • Applicants must undertake to obey the school rules, to honour the principles and ethos

of the school and to submit to the authority and disciplinary measures of the school.

  • Parents, as well as learners, must undertake to commit themselves to the aims and mission of the school.
  • Parents must undertake to accept responsibility for the payment of all financial obligations.
  • Applicants with a record of bad behaviour or expulsion from any other school will be dealt with on merit and will only be admitted in exceptional circumstances.
  • Parents must see to it that transport is not a problem with regard to school attendance

and participation in and support of extra-mural activities.

  • Parents must show a visible interest in all school activities offered.
  • Learners must adhere to the prescribed guidelines with regard to the school uniform as

determined by the school.

  • The total number of learners shall not exceed the facilities available at the school.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are permanent residents of the school’s

immediate vicinity (except special class applicants).

No failures of other schools will be considered except in cases of merit.

  • Grade 1 applicants must turn six years of age, not later than 31 December of the previous year, preceeding the year of which he/she will start attending Gr. 1 for the first time.

Applicants not older than 15 years will be considered for admission in the Upper Primary Phase (Gr. 5-7).